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Catherine Hunt

Someone out there by Catherine Hunt

Catherine has just written her first psychological thriller "Someone Out There" which is being published in May by Harper Collins "Killer Reads." It's a twisty-turny gripping read and can be pre-ordered on Amazon here.

When she's not writing books, Catherine is a media consultant who works with a wide range of public and private sector clients advising on the best ways to communicate effectively and how to present key messages clearly.

She helps with strategies for being interviewed; dealing with the media; successfully publicising news announcements; managing more difficult stories; making your message accessible and tailoring it to different media outlets. As well, she assists with the writing of speeches, reports and presentations.

Catherine was a BBC News journalist for many years and edited the flagship TV news shows, in particular the Six O' Clock News. She also edited live coverage of many major news events at home and abroad. Before that, she was a producer on a range of news and current affairs programmes in BBC television and radio.

She began her career in print journalism and has considerable newspaper experience including spells as a reporter for the Press Association and for the Daily Mail.

Catherine Hunt


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