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Jeremy Bowen

Jeremy is a Welsh journalist and TV presenter. He has worked for the BBC for most of his career; primarily as a war correspondent.

Since 2005, Jeremy has been the BBC's Middle East Editor

Career Background

Jeremy joined the BBC in 1984 as a news trainee. After a period as a financial reporter, he be-came a foreign correspondent in 1987. Since then, he has reported from approximately 90 countries, has been based in Geneva, Jerusalem and Rome and has covered 20 wars.

In a full, and varied career, he has encountered various misadventures; including being impris-oned, robbed at gunpoint, shot and expelled from a number of countries.


Jeremy gained for a BA in history at the University College London, following which he attended the School of Advanced International Studies, Washington DC, where he achieved an MA in International Affairs in 1984.


Jeremy has won many awards for his coverage of conflict during his career. Among these, he was voted TV journalist of the year, Specialist journalist of the year, interview of the year (Assad) and breaking news award, all from the Royal Television Society. Among many others, he has been presented with three awards from the Bayeux war reporter of the year event, and awards for his coverage of Syria, Bosnia and Lebanon. He was also part of a Bafta-winning team for Kosovo crisis 1999, and won the Sony Gold Award for capture of Saddam Hussein.


Jeremy has written three books: Six Days: How the 1967 War Shaped the Middle East, War Sto-ries and he Arab Uprisings. Jeremy is also currently in the process of writing 'A History of the Middle East in 25 Chapters'.

Jeremy Bowen


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