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Susanna Reid is an award-winning presenter and one of the most familiar faces on morning television. She hosts ITV's 'Good Morning Britain' alongside Piers Morgan and Ben Shephard, covering some of the largest and most topical stories in the headlines, complementing these with interviews and reporting. Susanna also presents other factual documentaries for ITV, including a successful prime time show 'Save Money: Good Food' and, more recently, the chilling documentary on 'The Murder of Becky Watts'. She is also in demand as a guest on shows including 'Would I Lie to You?', 'Pointless' and 'Chatty Man'.


Prior to working for ITV, Susanna presented the BBC's morning topical news programme, 'BBC Breakfast' and hosted the BBC 1 discussion programme 'Sunday Morning Live'. As one of the UK's most high profile news journalists, Susanna has interviewed many politicians and covered key breaking news stories including the terror attacks on Paris and Brussels; the results of the Independence Referendum in Scotland, the EU Referendum, the 2015 General Election and the US Elections live from New York. She's interviewed the Prime Minister and rival party leaders and was one of the last embedded journalists with British troops in Afghanistan, covering the inauguration of the new President in 2014. She regularly interviews people who have found themselves in the news due to tragic circumstances such as the mother of soldier Lee Rigby, and has also spoken to some of the biggest showbiz names including exclusive interviews with Cliff Richard & David Beckham.


Susanna was named by the Television and Radio Industries Club as the Newsreader of the Year in 2014 and 2015.

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