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Mary Greenham manages Andrew Marr, George Alagiah, Nick Robinson, Stephanie Flanders's speaking engagements. She also acts as booking agent for many other personalities.


News Presenters Ltd under the leadership of Mary Greenham provides exclusive administrative management for a range of personalities. We can also book artists from any background for your event.

Newspresenters Ltd was formed in 2005 by Mary Greenham. Now almost 9 years old, Mary has made many new relationships with clients right across the corporate world. She specialises in particular in finding speakers to give key notes on diversity.

News Presenters, under the leadership of Mary Greenham, provides exclusive management services to a range of acclaimed domestic and international personalities. In addition to managing its key talent, News Presenters is uniquely placed to approach corporate speakers, hosts, and facilitators, comprising a broad range of professional backgrounds, who are not under the exclusive management of the agency.

After a successful career at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Mary Greenham set up News Presenters in 2005. As one of the leading agencies in the media industry, News Presenters provides full administrate management to a wide range of television and radio personalities, including Andrew Marr, Susanna Reid, George Alagiah, Laura Kuenssberg, Nick Robinson, and Martina Navratilova.

Renowned for her individual management style and professionalism, Mary has forged relationships with the leaders and thinkers in the media industry, as well as the corporate world. As the main point of contact for all enquiries, Mary ensures that questions are answered without unnecessary delays. Although the company has grown since its inception, Mary continues to retain its unique shape by having a great supportive back-up team.

If you would like to enquire about any of our speakers, or find out more about the services that News Presenters can provide, please contact Mary on the email below

Mary Greenham - News Presenters


Newspresenters Ltd
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Mary Greenham provides a managed service to the following people: Nick Clegg, Andrew Marr, Martina Navratilova, Rory Cellan-Jones, George Alagiah, Stephanie Flanders,Victoria Fritz, Nick Robinson, Laura Kuenssberg, Reeta Chakrabarti, Matt Frei, James Landale, Catherine Hunt, Susanna Reid, Steve Hewlett, Jason de la Peņa, Kamal Ahmed,Dr Faye Kirkland, Julie Etchingham, Dharshini David Caroline Hyde, Sarah Pennells, Jon Sopel, Fergal Keane, Sean Fletcher, Faisal Islam, Jackie Ashley.

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