The top three trends in the corporate speaking industry

The top three trends in the corporate speaking industry

As we head rapidly towards Spring 2019, we’re being asked by clients to outline the top three trends in the corporate speaking industry in London.

Whilst some patterns seem to return in slightly different guises year-on-year, the corporate speaking industry in London has unique twists and turns to be aware of – and our expert London talent agent Mary Greenham can help.

In the last few months, for example, there’s been a surge in demand for authoritative Brexit speakers, as the political landscape has evolved and changed in the UK in line with the immense changes coming with Brexit.

Some of the noticeable trends in the corporate speaking industry across London already this year have been the following:

Value for Money – it is critical to ensure that the celebrity speaker knows the audience well, so that value for money can be delivered for the entire event.

Book the right speaker – this is so important, and getting the right speaker on the right budget is one of the top considerations for any corporate event.

Webcasting – in the last 12 months, more and more corporate speaking events are being delivered via webcasting online, to save event costs.

Sometimes situations arise that are beyond our control and we have what is called a pull out. If that happens at News Presenters, we always ensure that we provide a suitable alternative presenter – often at very short notice.

We’re always on hand to informally discuss your event requirements, as well as being able to seamlessly match up a celebrity corporate speaker for you.

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